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Placenta Encapsulation – by The Nurtured Bebe


GUEST POST BY ALICIA LANGLANDS – Birth & Post-Natal Doula – Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Hi, I’m Ally and I’m a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.  Cass has kindly invited me to share my experience with placentophagia, and I’m thrilled to be able to give the benefits of placental encapsulation a bit of a plug where possible.

I’m now a mum of three gorgeous children.  I don’t think I even knew what Placenta Encapsulation (PE) was when I had my first child, and didn’t even give my placenta a second thought; after all, it was useless now, right?  However, after my second child came along however, things turned on their head pretty swiftly and I ended up being diagnosed with postnatal depression.  I had learned about PE before she was born, but I didn’t know where to get it done or even how to do it myself.  So the placenta was buried in our backyard on my daughters first birthday.  I must admit, it was still really quite lovely to be able to honour this amazing organ, and just to know that it wasn’t simply tossed out like medical waste was really comforting.  After all, without my placenta my daughter would not have been nourished and nurtured quite so gently whilst inutero.

When I fell pregnant with my third child, knowing that I was already predisposed to PND I knew there was no other option but to have my placenta encapsulated.  It was a no-brainer.  Fortunately my gorgeous midwife offered encapsulation for all her clients, and on the first day post birth she returned to my home for our first postnatal visit with those magic capsules in her hand.  And magic they were!

I began taking two capsules, twice a day and I felt invincible.  It was almost like the birth-high continued for weeks post partum!  My milk came in on day two (instead of four and five as it had with my previous two children) and my bleeding post-partum was reduced to about two and a half weeks, instead of three and four weeks as I had previously experienced.  My energy levels were definitely boosted as well, and now that I had three children in tow this was certainly welcomed!

The effects of the placenta remedies didn’t stop there though.  I began taking the capsules again during my first menses post partum (which fortunately wasn’t until my youngest was 15 months old!) and had a lovely short light bleed, unlike those that I’d had previously.  I had surgery a couple of months ago so I made a tincture from some of the capsules and took the tincture post-surgery.  My healing was excellent and definitely faster than previously anticipated!  And when my daughter finally weaned from the breast only a month ago I also took a few capsules then.  I found that they helped me cope with the hormonal and emotional changes at the time.

My clients all love their placenta remedies as well.  One client in particular comes to mind who experienced an extreme emotional hardship very soon after her new bebe arrived earthside.  She explained to me that she would have completely fallen apart, but that the remedy kept her on track and she felt better able to deal with the situation that she found herself in.

Another client who hadn’t planned on having her placenta encapsulated changed her mind quickly after having an emergency caesarean.  Her recovery was amazing, and she seemed to emotionally manage the unexpected birth outcome far better than either of us would have previously anticipated.

The list of benefits seems almost endless.  The remedies are also excellent to use during transitional times of life.  For example, I plan on giving my daughters some of the tincture placenta remedy when they reach menarche, and also keeping some for myself to use when I reach menopause.

Michel Odent, a well-respected French obstetrician describes oxytocin as being the ‘Hormone of Love’.  The placenta has some quantities of oxytocin, and can continue to nourish and provide a similar ‘love-high’ through the use of capsule and tincture remedies.  It is also loaded with prostaglandin which helps the uterus to contract back to its regular size.  And of course iron, to increase energy post partum which makes placenta encapsulation particularly beneficial for vegetarians and vegans.

Now when people ask me “Why SHOULD I encapsulate my placenta?” My standard response is “Why SHOULDN’T you?!”  It just makes sense.


I offer all sorts of placenta encapsulation packages; including tinctures, capsules, salves, artwork and cord keepsakes.  If you are located in Sydney and would like to see what packages I have available, please refer to my website thenurturedbebe.com.au.  However, if you are outside of Sydney, don’t be alarmed as there are placenta encapsulators located all over Australia.  The best way to find one in your local area is to access the Placenta Services directory [placentaservices.com.au].

Birthing Blessings
Ally xx

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