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Planning for an empowering birth in an unnatural situation (A gentle family centred C-Section Birth Plan)


This is one topic I never thought I would be writing about on my blog. Not because I am against caesarians (even though I kinda was), but just because I thought I would never need to even think about having one. Why? Because have a c-section is major surgery that isn’t always necessary and we know that a baby entering the world naturally through the birth canal is the best thing for it! It gives its lungs a good squeeze, its first gut bacteria, it lets off such great natural hormones and endorphins to the mother, the list is endless and all in all, it is how birth is meant to be.

To tell you the truth, in the situation I am currently in, I am scared! I am really scared! I am scared about them cutting me open and I am scared for all the drugs that go with it. But as time passes and gets closer to my due date I am coming to acceptance that any birth will be beautiful, western medicine is here for a reason and safety needs to come first for myself and my family. No decisions have been set in stone for us yet, and they wont be until closer to our due date, that’s our decision but we are going to be prepared for what ever nature will throw at us.

So the more I think about it, the more I believe that everyone should have a Caesarian birth plan. Because in the end, the birth plan we choose may not be and anything can happen. And as a mother, birth should be empowering and amazing, what ever way your little blessing enters the world! This is why we should do our research and be prepared with questions for any situation that may be thrown at our tired, aching, fluid filled, huge bodies when birth time comes for us!

I did a bit googling around about gentle caesarians and also found a great post on birth without fear blog and this is what I came up with…

My C- section Birth Plan (if it were to come about)

• Wait until as close to ‘due date‘ as possible.

During Surgery

• Make the experience as family centred as possible! Talk about this with your doctor!

• Talk to your doctor about what kind of incision they are doing. Horizontal is best if possible. Double layer suture close. Disposable stitches, NO STAPLES!

• Please ensure all medications are suitable for breastfeeding!!!
Also, talk to your doctor about different pain medication options.
No calmatives or sedatives before or after birth; I want to be fully with-it during birth and first moment of baby’s life!

• Lowered lighting in theatre if possible

• Please explain the surgery to me as it happens

• Please lower sheet as baby is born

• Calm birthing music

• If my baby is not in distress, he/she should be placed on my chest or if not possible, given to my partner immediately after birth.

• Please leave placenta attached until it stops beating. My Husband will then cut the cord.

• Please try to leave placenta fully in tact and bag it ready for our placenta encapsulator to pick up.

• If my baby must be taken from me to receive medical treatment, my husband will accompany my baby at all times.


• We would like to keep Baby with us at all times!
I would like my baby and husband to come to Recovery with me. As long as baby is healthy, I would like skin to skin and breastfeeding immediately after surgery! If emergency, then my husband will – NO NURSERY!

• I am willing to be up and walking as soon as possible

• I would like my Catheter out as soon as possible after surgery

• I do not wish to have any bottles given to my baby, unless medically necessary.

• I would to have IV removed as soon as possible after surgery

• Buy and use post birth recovery pants for your incision.

• I will wean yourself off pain medication as soon as I can.

• Rest, nurse and bond with your baby. DONT OVERDO IT!

• Have arnica and placenta salve for wound healing

• Drink lots of coconut water for hydration, have it on tap!!!

• Start taking Supplements including:
– Placenta pills

– Naturopathic prescribed prenatal multi vitamin x 2 a day
– Naturopathic prescribed probiotic x 2 a day

• Husband is to bring in green smoothie everyday

Do NOT feel like a failure! You are a mother and just created a beautiful life!

Anything I should add??

Cass xox

April 17, 2013