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Sample Birth Plan



Birth Plans are not set in stone, they are really just intended as a guide to help you get your head around the impending birth of your baby, and perhaps get you thinking about some things that hadn’t occurred to you before about the whole birth process. Discuss details with your partner but be flexible, and be prepared to throw it out the window at the last minute as well! I had a wonderful plan for my birth, all very holistic and esoteric!, but at the eleventh hour I didn’t even think about it. I got so into the birth zone and focused on delivering my baby that I didn’t worry about sticking to an agenda – and I had a beautiful four hour labor and gave birth in the bath with no drugs. I was in trust and everything flowed from that space. Give yourself permission to surrender and be in the moment and you will find the strength you need and make the decisions you need to, with empowerment and grace.
Even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry.  It’s good to have your plan a,b or c organized before your due date (mainly so your mind can relax), but on the day, if things change, try to be calm, stay in trust and remain open to the wisdom of mother nature and the universe.  You ARE protected.  Even if you don’t understand or feel your thoughts taking over, ALL WILL BE WELL if you stay in your breath, in your heart space and ground yourself with the skills you have learnt in your yoga and birth zone sessions. This is an incredible journey you are making, blossoming from woman to mother, and YOU HAVE the power to create whatever you desire.  Listen to, and be guided by, your babies, for they KNOW.  Blessed be.
* Labor
  • I wish to be able to move around and change position at will throughout labor.
  • I would like to be able to have fluids by mouth throughout the first stage of labor.
  • I would prefer to keep the number of vaginal exams to a minimum.
* Monitoring
  • I do not wish to have continuous fetal monitoring unless it is absolutely necessary.
* Labor Induction
  • I do not wish to have the amniotic membrane ruptured artificially unless signs of fetal distress require internal monitoring.
  • I would prefer to be allowed to try changing position, nipple stimulation, massage, acu-pressure, enema, shiatsu, tens machine or homeopathy before Prostaglandin gel or a Syntocinon drip are administered.
* Anesthesia
  • I do not want any kind of anesthesia offered to me during labor, though I would like it available if I specifically request it.  My partner is to decide when that will be, if I am unable to voice the need myself.
  • No IV fluids unless they are necessary antibiotics as per doctor’s instructions.
  • I would like an epidural only in the event that it is absolutely necessary.
* Caesarean
  • If my primary care provider determines that a Cesarean delivery is necessary, I would like to obtain a second opinion from another physician if time allows.
  • I would like my husband and my doula present at all times if I require a Cesarean delivery.
  • I wish to have an epidural as anesthesia.
  • If my baby is not in distress, he/she should be placed on my chest or if not possible, given to my partner immediately after birth.  I would like the cord to remain attached to us both for as long as possible ie until it stops pulsing, and then my partner is to cut the cord and the afterbirth to be kept for us.
* Episiotomy
  • I would prefer not to have an episiotomy unless absolutely required for the baby’s safety.  If needed, I would prefer to be cut, and stitched afterwards with anaesthetic.
* Delivery
  • I would like my husband and/or doula/midwife to support me and my legs as necessary during the pushing stage.
  • I would like to birth in a bath and my partner to be allowed into the bath with me.
  • I would like a mirror available so I can see my baby’s head when it crowns.
  • Even if I am fully dilated, and assuming my baby is not in distress, I would like to try to wait until I feel the urge to push before beginning the pushing phase.
  • I would like my doula to receive the appropriate respect from hospital staff and to be allowed the space and time to assist me as planned. 
  • I would like to have my baby placed on my stomach/chest immediately after delivery.
* After Delivery
  • I would like myself and/or my partner to cut the cord, when it has finished pulsing.
  • I would like to have my baby examined and bathed in my presence.
  • If my baby must be taken from me to receive medical treatment, my partner, doula or a family member I designate, will accompany my baby at all times.
  • I would like a private room in the birthing suite if available.
  • After the birth, I would prefer to be given a few moments of privacy to urinate on my own before being catheterized if that is necessary.
  • I would like to use my own witch hazel solution to soothe myself after an episiotomy.
  • I would like to donate the umbilical cord blood and to keep the afterbirth.
  • I would like to take the placenta home with me to have it encapsulated privately.
  • I do/do not wish for my baby to be given the Vitamin K injection.
* Breastfeeding
  • Unless medically necessary, I do not wish to have any bottles given to my baby     (including glucose water or plain water).
  • I do not want my baby to be given a pacifier/dummy.
  • I would like privacy with my baby, partner and doula to establish breastfeeding.
* Photos
  • I would like to make a video-recording of my labor and/or the birth.
  • My family and support people are permitted to take photos during my labor/birth.
* Support People
  • My support people are my partner, my doula, my (family members etc) and I would like them to be present during labor and/or delivery.


About Denby: When Denby discovered yoga in 2000, she felt the universe had finally revealed her true purpose in this lifetime. She felt blessed and inspired and left behind a successful career in the Film and Television industry to be in service to others as a yogi and teacher.
She started her yoga journey by completing an intensive 2 year Ki Yoga Diploma teacher training course in 2002 with Master teachers Jack Marshall and Richard Paton and simultaneously began studying a variety of natural therapies at Nature Care College, including Energetic and Spiritual Healing, Kinergetics, Bowen Therapy and Massage. Since then she has completed Pre natal and Mother and Baby Yoga training with Suzanne Swann, (inspired by the teachings of Active Birth pioneer Janet Balaskas); the Hatha/Purna Yoga Diploma with John Ogilvie at Byron Bay Yoga; advanced workshops with Donna Farhi, Tara Judelle, Kathryn Budrig, Lisa Masters, Simon Borg-Olivier and Duncan Peak and birthed a beautiful son, Max, who is her greatest teacher and friend.
She continues to hone her skills as a therapist specialising in pre and post natal yoga; is a certified and registered Level 3/Senior teacher (Hatha and Ki) with YA, a Reiki Master and an Alumni Ambassador with lululemon athletica. Ever the perpetual student, Denby is inspired by leading yogis including Shiva Rea, Donna Farhi, John Ogilvie, Simon Borg-Olivier, Tara Judelle and Francesco Garri Garripoli and guided by the teachings of Gangaji, her husband Eli and the luminosity of healer Caterina Pellegrino-Estrich. Denby is currently studying Cranio-sacral therapy and distributes the incredible DoTERRA organic essential oils through the studio.
Denby is now one of the most sought after yoga therapists on the Northern Beaches, well known for her insightful, compassionate and natural affinity with teaching and healing.
All of Denby’s classes incorporate remedial yoga sequences and seasonal insights that build physical structure, emotional foundation & energetic integrity. The more subtle and energetic aspects of Ki and Hatha yoga are woven within these sequences designed to open the heart and encourage a deep exploration of habits, behaviours and memories. Shifting weakness into strength through this system of corrective yoga helps restore balance on all levels and helps awaken the complete Self.
With over a decade of teaching experience and exploring this relationship between the seasonal cycles, the five element theory and body/mind/spirit, Denby has founded the innovative vinyasa-style practice that she calls ‘Ki FUSION Yoga’, a unique style that reflects her own personal journey with yoga, energy and motherhood.

She encourages students to let go of the physical and mental struggle connected with trying to find the ‘perfect pose’ and instead, to find and feel the energies within each pose, with ease, attention and a sense of adventure. Their practice then follows the path of self-inquiry and self-expression, rather than just being a physical activity. Students come away from classes feeling that they have been ‘held’, opened up and safely challenged, at their own level.
“I am humbled to witness the amazing commitments my students make to themselves, each time they step onto their mats. They are all my brave yogi warriors!”
Denby’s other calling in life is writing and she is currently working on two pioneering books, “AWAKENING SHAKTI: HEALING THE WOUNDED FEMININE THROUGH YOGA, RITUAL & SEASONAL WISDOMS”, and “KI FUSION YOGA: DISCOVERING YOUR YOGANATURE”, both to be published and available as ebooks in the new year. (*Both titles/concepts subject to copyright and trademarked.)
Her popular Ki Yoga Active Birth poster, the first of its kind, is now available for sale and the 5 seasonal Ki FUSION posters and DVD’s will be released later in 2012.

April 24, 2013