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WEARING: The babe and I in the park!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am finally getting into some nesting… I think! I just cleaned out my office, did 3 loads of washing and opened some wedding presents that I found from 3 years ago (haha, I know!!! I just wanted to save them for a special occasion and I think this is it…. I have some energy!)… 
Today little P and I are sorting stuff around the house and starting to get organised for this baby that will be here before we know it! YIPPEE!!

We are in our PJ’s* so these photos are from a couple of weeks ago in the park… Isnt my big girl just so cute??? Note; the photo at the bottom is her perfecting the “PEACE AND POUT” look that her aunty has drilled into her*…

Have a fabulous weekend! 


Little P Wears:

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Cass xoxo

* Thats a given these days.
* ARRRRRHHHHHHHH!!!! I guess thats what good young Aunts are for hey?

April 19, 2013