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4 REAL FOOD books I am loving right now!

If you don’t have all 4 of these books in your kitchen right now, I am telling you thats its time to go and grab them! Each of them have such amazing information as well as a load of fabulous EASY recipes!!!! 
This book is such an easy read with so much good stuff in it. If you are a mum or a mum to be or want to be a mum you MUST read this book. Its all about real food, plain and simple. No need to listen to the media, there are some things we should eat as women and somethings we shouldn’t, this book tells it straight!
WOW! I only got this book last week and already I have made 4 of the recipes, just because they were too hard to resist. So much information about fats, the good the bad and the best for you! Highly recommend it.

Wholefood for Children – by Jude Blereau
Any mummy that wants to feed their children real food needs this book. Soooooooooooo much info, I am telling you! SOOOOOOOOO MUCH and so many recipes that sneak in so many amazing tricks to getting your kids to eat whole grains and lots of veggies. Its perfect for newborn to big kids like us!

the way food was meant to be
THE COOKBOOK by Jane Grover
My husband actually got me this book for my birthday last year, mainly because he wanted it. It’s written by a local Northern beaches chef that just wants to share her passion for feeding families real food. So many yummy recipes for every season, great local advice and lots of great Australian brands/farmers/producers to check out. 

Cass xoxo

May 8, 2013