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It’s time to stop eating bread…

This pregnancy has definitely brought the worst out in my eating. Not feeling great alot of the time, I wanted bread! Not gluten free bread, not wheat free… I wanted big slices of fluffy sourdough smothered in butter. And then cheese was a great addition to this Bombard on my sensitive digestive system… A vintage cheddar, the strong stuff! None of that boring tasty stuff. Wheat is pretty hard to digest at the best of times and then throw the cheese in with it, my body isn’t happy. But it just tasted so good and it kept the morning sickness feeling at bay… Eating so well for over a year, my body was running at a pretty good speed, introducing these 2 particular aggravating foods into my diet (almost daily) as well as the added hormones of making a baby I have packed on the kgs, oh yes I have definitely done well at that job! I put on a lot of weight when I was pregnant with little p and I felt huge… This time, somehow, I managed to beat my last record and put on a few more. I haven’t worried, and I’m not going to obsess over it but it is time to get my act into gear and start eating more of the foods that work well for me and less of the foods that don’t and budge some (a lot) of this baby weight in the process. So here’s to Monday bringing me motivation, self control and a hole lot of energy!!! 

Cass x x
May 17, 2013