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Meet my Baby Harley

I type this post while I sit cuddling my brand spanking new beautiful baby boy. Yes, its a boy! Can you believe it? We certainly couldn’t! We always imagined our house being full of girls and when he came out a boy, we were not only shocked by oh-so-excited for what our family has become!

He arrived at 11.23am on Wednesday the 1st of May and was born a tiny but super healthy 3.2kgs, 48cms of perfection and he is mine! He is the spitting image of his daddy and his big sister is (as expected) over the top in love with him!

Not at all being ready for a boy and having very few boys names on the list we took the next 24 hours to dote over his sweet little soul while we chose the perfect name for our sweet little guy and this name is Harley!

I spent 5 amazingly restful days of baby-mooning in hospital and now home I am super excited for what is to come and also freaking out for when my amazing husband and my even more amazing mum leave us to our own devices.

I will share his birth story with you another day but for now; I will be perched on the couch enjoying cuddles with my baby boy and his big sister while their daddy looks after us and we will enjoy this special time as we settle into family life as 4.

Thank you so much for all your kind and loving messages, we are so appreciative!

I am truly in love!

Cass xox