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New baby bubble

photo by Evolve Photos

My H baby is now 2 weeks old and our little family of 4 has been enjoying our time hibernating in our new baby bubble. We have been enjoying the quiet time while still having fun with generous visitors that have smothered us with love, gifts and home cooked meals which we are so very grateful for. It has been amazing! We are loving the family time and getting to know the new little face in our foursome.

We arnt venturing out to playgroups, playgrounds, supermarkets, shopping malls, no where that a slimy germy hand can reach out and touch my brand new, clean, sterile baby. Yes, we are going for little walks, enjoying the fresh crispy air and a bit of sunshine when it shows its face.  But we are doing this by ourselves and the main reason is that I’m not ready for the winter bugs to enter my toddler, me, my house or my new baby. With so many crazy bugs going around, they scare me and I don’t want them! We are all tired, run down and we are only at the beginning of getting used to our family so right now I want us to all stay in tip top condition, no colds or flu’s! 

My new baby bubble is blissful, full of support and relatively germ free, its full of a new kind of love and I am happy to stay here for a while…

How long did it take you with your second addition to get back into the swing of things???

Cass xo