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Beating Mastitis… Naturally!

As if babies and breastfeeding isnt hard enough!!! Then throw a blocked duct and being run down into the mix and there you have it; the low and far from belovered “Milk fever”… It hits you like a sledge hammer, and once it sets in, its tricky to bounce back.

The trick to beating mastitis naturally is catching it, at the very beginning, in the act.This doesnt mean that if it does set in, you have to run straight to the doctor for antibiotics. There are things you can do to rid yourself of the infection and feel as good as gold soon after.

Just as I arrived down at my mums* for our little family break at the beginning of last week, I was unlucky enough to come down with a bout of this dredded new mums fun. I got the lot; one minute the chills, the next the fever, body aches, sore throat, headaches, its not fun at all! You could call me some what of a pro on this topic; I had it five or more times in the early weeks of breastingfeeding little P*. And I also thank you for all your great adivce over on our facebook page. It CAN be beaten in the act so if you feel a little under the weather and you feel a blocked duct or inflamation on your breast; try these things before you run to the doctor:

– REST! REST! REST! We arent super hero’s and sometimes as mums, we forget this. To heal, we need to let our bodies rest and do its thing.

– Use coconut oil to gently massage the blockage towards the nipple. Do this when ever you remember; most importantly when you are feeding and when you are in the bath or shower.

– Apply warmth to the blockage before you feed your baby and then apply cold straight after.

– EAT GARLIC! I love this stuff! I’t’s trully a real wholefood antibiotic. An article on Livestrong says; “Garlic can work much like a broad spectrum antibiotic, fighting infection without causing a yeast infection or thrush as some antibiotics can. The breastfeeding professionals at KellyMom recommend between 2 and 5 cloves of raw garlic daily for mastitis, in addition to other treatment measures.”

– INCREASE YOUR FLUIDS! Drink lots of nourishing teas and coconut water. Hydrate yourself.

– Empty the breasts; feed baby often and change babies position so he/she is draining the breast.

– Cabbage leaves – A very old fashioned remedy but placing cabbage leaves on an inflamation has been known to clear an infection within 24 hours. You can read more about using cabbage leaves for mastitis here.

– Drink Fresh Juices – Give yourself a nutrient hit with a fresh vegetable juice with lots of ginger.

PROBIOTICS – Probiotics are a must everyday and especially when feeling under the weather.

Thats it; if it hits you, dont be too disheartened, rest up and get well!

Cass xoxo

*Its like my body just new I would have my mum to look after me… and my kids.

* Big boobs, cracked nipples and a baby with a small mouth that bites is the perfect home for mastitis.