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Exercise – 2 steps forward, 1 step back…

We all know that exercise is so important, for your body, insides and out! It pumps you full of the good stuff! With the Great endorphins it gives to you, add some fresh air, a view and it’s better than any councillor!
6 weeks post child birth and in my case, major surgery I am so keen to get moving again. It’s so hard to feel so unfit and not to get down about the post baby body that I can’t even recognise as mine in a mirror and getting out and moving helps to budge some bulge, motivate me to stay focused on eating the right things and makes me feel good. I have always been an active person!!!!! I need it!
My tummy was feeling good so last week I began some walking, light walking and as I got more confident I started on some hills. One day with the big pram and the babies, another day I left the kiddies at home with Andrew and went by myself (amazing)… It was so so good to be out in the fresh air moving my butt again! It was exactly what my mind and body needed. 
The thing is, after having a baby, your body becomes quite weak and you need to build it back up slowly. And having a c-section, you can think your better but when you start doing more you realise you need a little more time. That’s me, my mind wants now but my body wants to go slower… What I thought was light exercise has now left me with a tender, very swollen belly that is not letting me do much at all without pain. My tummy muscles need more time to mend and I need not to push it that hard. 
So it’s back to the beginning; short flat walks, increasing a little each time… As someone said to me today; “Take the time to let your body recover, no need to rush it, you have the rest of your life to be running!”
Too true…
Cass x x

June 10, 2013