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Feeding babies can be such a controversial topic of conversation. We always get told breast is best and we know this. Breast milk is created by us mums to give our babies the best start to life out of the woom, it is filled with all the good stuff that our baby need and it is made especially for that little individual, know one else. If mum gets sick, she will produce antibodies in her milk to boost the immunity of her baby to fight of that specific bug, it is incredible!
We also know that breast feeding isn’t easy (I struggled!!!) for everyone and sometimes it just doesn’t work! And thats why formula was created; to feed the babies that couldn’t be fed. I was lucky enough to be able to feed my little P until she was 15 months old when she down right refused my mummy milk and forcefully told me she didn’t need it anymore. She considered herself a big girl and was ready to move onto the big wide world of the bottle, a cup and lots of food. I wasn’t ready for cows milk (i’m still not ready, you can read more here.), so we searched the internet for something that was both nourishing and natural and this great recipe from PURE MAMAS blog popped up. It just sounded right for us so little P drank it on occasion in between water and lots of food. She loved it! I have asked Juli to share this recipe with you because I want mums to know that there are other options to look into if breast feeding isn’t an option. Juli is NOT a doctor, but a mum who is passionate about nourishing and feeding her children with REAL FOOD! Please consult her health professional before giving this a go. So I will hand you over to Juli….
Store-bought powdered cows-milk AND soy formulas are not the healthiest option for your child. Many woman, for many different reasons, cannot breastfeed. So they are stuck with buying these overly-processed powders that aren’t even real food.

I, and many other doctors, fathers and woman, would rather know exactly what their child is drinking than have to deal with recalls, bugs, soy, and other toxic chemicals added.

And if you know me at all {and my need to create everything that I eat, as opposed to BUY it} you wouldn’t be surprised that I wanted to investigate a way to make fresh, homemade formula.

There is a lot of controversy over powdered formula vs breast milk, goats milk versus cows milk, etc. After much research and my own health expertise, what I finally concluded was that goats milk was the best for my son. It is molecularly the closest to breast milk and often doesn’t cause the phlegm that cows does. But I realize it’s lacking enough carbohydrates and also nutrients like DHA, folic acid and B vitamins when compared to breast milk. So, I asked my midwives AND pediatrician about this and what I decided to do was a mix of goats milk, carrot juice, water, b vitamins and flax oil {DHA}. When my son became old enough, I supplemented with other things as well, like green juice and apple juice {fresh squeezed}, a little young coconut water, and all sorts of omegas and probiotics as well.

It’s been the best decision I’ve made as a mother. Despite some negative comments here and there, it’s at least one choice I’ve made as a new mom that I am very proud of and wouldn’t change for the world. I think FRESH, REAL food will ALWAYS be better than anything powdered and overly-processed!

Important and GOOD side note: a pediatrician in town actually confirmed it a “suitable and healthy breast milk alternative.” Doctor Mercola also recommends a similar formula, so I have learned. 


4 oz Goats Milk
2 oz Carrot Juice
2 oz Water
a few drops Flax Oil (EFAs) with DHA
1/4tsp nutritional yeast {for the folic acid and b12 boost that goats milk lacks}

OH and Dr Mercola recommends giving your child that is solely on this type of formula some egg yolks starting at age 4 months. By this I mean giving it to him separately. Steamed. Not raw in the formula. 

note: there is no BETTER food for infants than breastmilk. It is still better than this formula…if you CAN and are able to breastfeed, do that first and foremost. This recipe makes a great ALTERNATIVE to formula or supplemental/emergency feeds. If you choose formula – then that’s okay too. Just do what you feel safest and most best doing. I’m just sharing information here with you that I have learned through my journies. 

My son LOVED it and I hope your baby does too!!!!!

Also, here is a great link that a friend passed along to me. Another recipe, that is similar but even more in depth. 

Good Luck. And if your child is older than a year, try making this healthy beverage alternative at home for him! You can put it right in his/her bottle. 

ABOUT JULI: Juli Novotny is a mom of 2 young boys – just 12 months apart – her enthusiasm for CLEAN, healthy, organic food and her passion for children has been the vision for her PUREmamas blog.

In highschool…Juli was the head pastry chef at a popular pastry shop near her house. 
By age 24…A few years after she graduated from UCLA, she started a vegan health food company, Kookie Karma, in Santa Monica, CA where she resided for over 8 years. She also studied to get her masters in holistic nutrition while simultaneously running her business. 
Now 33…Juli lives in San Diego as a full-time mom of two little rascal boys: Pierce and Roman! A few years into motherhood, Juli decided that Kookie Karma {a labor of love} needed more attention and care than she could give it. She and her family spend their days at the pool, at the beach, at the park or watching mommy cook while eating yummy food in the kitchen which then she blogs about.

You can find Juli @ 
instagram: @julinovotny
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June 10, 2013