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The new local…

I write this post as little P and daddy are off playing at our new local! It’s amazing! It’s a scene of the perfect exciting childhood adventure. It is a fun park because it has a bit of danger, none of those boring slow slides, only the really quick metal ones, the fast ones, also a rocket ship that is so high that any kid would get a little nervous climbing to the top and coming down the super slippery slide ends with the biggest loudest giggles and laughs of enjoyment!  It is out of this world amazing to say the least!

But I sit here breast feeding little H baby, enjoying my dandelion latte while dads(because mums wouldn’t squat behind a tree at their local park)* take their little kids and themselves to the edge of the bush land behind a tree to go to the toilet, I mean because there is no toilet!!!! Its one thing to be one with nature but come on, A new kids park with no toilet, what were they thinking??? 
Cass x x x
* hilarious!!!!