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Nappies – toxic free tots!

In a magical world I would love babies not to have to wear nappies!!! Partly for the selfish reason that we wouldn’t have to change them or wash them or find space in the rubbish bin for them. Also for the reason that we wouldn’t have so much waste and lastly and of cause most importantly to let our little babies bottoms breath!!! There would be no more nappy rash. Nappies can be cheap and by cheap, I mean cheap and nasty; we, as a society don’t want to spend a whole heap of money on something that most people just throw out but in doing this we are putting a cheap and nasty product on one of the most sensitive parts of our little tiny babies body. It doesn’t seem right to me! Standard nappies are filled with chemicals, you just have to read this article to NEVER want a standard nappy to touch your baby.

So what are our options? 

I use a mixture between cloth nappies and toxic free disposables (they do exist). In a perfect household I would love to only use cloth nappies as they are clearly the greener option but I am not the greatest housewife and sometimes I don’t keep up with the washing so thats the way it goes. I use the disposables when out and about or if I dont have any clean cloth ones.

Let’s face it, disposables are the easiest and so convenient. Thats why they were created, people have less time than they ever have with work, etc people like to make life easier and why wouldn’t they? Its all about finding the best option for you and your family. My favourite disposable nappies are the MOLTEX ECO NAPPY, it was the first eco nappy in aus. It has a 100% biodegradable outer lining, is 100% chlorine-free bleached, has a 40% biodegradable inner lining, has Tea leaf extract in absorbent core to help neutralise odours, was Awarded the FSC tick of approval for responsible forestry, is Made with more than 50% renewable resources from controlled cultivation and is Free from TBT, antioxidants, lotions or perfumes. It is the clear winner for me and you can get them here.



I LOVE using cloth nappies as I really truly don’t like buying nappies constantly, they are expensive and they fill the rubbish bin. There are some super super super cute and fancy modern cloth nappies around now and they are really easy to use and baby wears them just like a disposable. They are easy to wash and once you have them there will be no late night trips to the supermarket because you have ran out of nappies.
I used, and still do for nap time, this brand of modern cloth nappy on little P simply because they were the best fit and the prettiest! With H baby I am currently using the essentials Pack for newborns from Real nappies, I couldn’t recommend them more. They are super affordable, soooooo simple and wash really well.


Thats where we are at the moment; changing nappies every 2 to 3 hours… Whether it be cloth or disposables, have a look into which nappies are best for your babies.

Cass x x x