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3 days with Lucky You Juices!

For the last 3 days I have been getting charged on juices; I have enjoyed 6 delicious juices full of goodness each day, it has been awesome.

Lucky you run juice cleansing program’s where the program is set for you and the juices are delivered to your door step ready to hit your lips, so there is no mess, no washing up, no excuses!
I used these 3 days to give my body a nutritional recharge*.
Having a new baby and a toddler I haven’t been looking after myself properly. I have been tired, rundown and full of terrible cravings.
I needed a kick in the butt to bring myself back up to speed and get back on the right track to the healthy way of living I know so well and feel so good on.
I knew I could get a better boost of nutrition through a few days of juice than the snacks and meals I have been picking on lately.

Here’s the daily run down… 

7.15am Warm water with lemon
7.30am Aloe Vera “Elixir”
8am Orange A juice – Carrot and Lemon
10am Green Juice A
Midday Spicy Lemonade 
2pm Red Juice – Beetroot based
4pm Green Juice B   
6pm Cashew Nut “Mylk”

So what do I think of lucky You juices???
I have felt the best I have felt in ages! I have energy, no bloating and lost a couple of baby kg’s.  By the time I had finished 1 juice, it was time for the next so it didn’t leave time for me to get super hungry. It made me realise; I do have self control and I am totally dehydrated. I am definitely NOT drinking enough water! Drinking 3 litres of hydrating nutrients just from the juice a day, adding in a lemon water and a herbal tea here or there, I actually had to go to the toilet, I can usually last all day which is terrible as it is the biggest sign my body was not getting the hydration it clearly needs.
The juices taste AMAZING! And the cashew mylk “night cap” is so delicious and such a treat. Each juice is cold pressed using raw, organic, fresh produce. They are super yummy and very colourful! Juices are delivered in beautiful glass jars to ensure that they are kept fresh with no plastic that may affect it. And dont the jars look so cool??? I will definitely be putting them to good use post program. 
I would highly recommend these juices for anyone that wants to give their body a great boost of goodness or cleanse their insides from the junk they may consuming during everyday life. It’s a great way to bring focus back into where your health goals are going and where you want to be.
I loved it!

To find out more about LUCKY YOU juices and cleansing programs go to > http://www.luckyyoucleanse.com.au/

* Needing a little extra energy than juices for my late night feeding escapades I added the protein of bone broth and a few snacks throughout the day. 

July 12, 2013