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Life is busy with one child, add another one in and you enter crazy town. That 5 minutes you had before does not exsist anymore, theres not a moment to sit down and have a cup of tea, its hard enough to make dinner or even get the toddler a snack. As mums (and dads), our hands are always full but life goes on and the washing still needs to get done. H baby is a great baby but the wind he is getting is not fun, he wants to be held upright close to his mum and who wouldn’t, its cosy and warm there so instead of getting totally stressed out with a baby that never wants to be put down, I have put my faith in the Manduca baby carrier. I have test driven a few baby carriers since little P was a baby and I have to say that this is the best yet. The best part being; that you can comfortably put a baby in it from when they are a brand newbie to a big toddler. The manduca has so many features to allow this to happen! The best feature for us so far, is the adjustable built in newborn insert. It is great, as we can be reassured that our little bubs legs are not getting squashed. The other feature that I love is the back support. Alot of other carriers I have tried have given me a really sore back after just a short time. This carrier fits really well around the waste and shoulders; holding baby super snug as well as looking after your precious back. With this, you can also change the back straps to cross over if you prefer. Baby is supported so well in this carrier, and this makes baby feel super light and easy to wear. Also, you can unzip the back when baby sleeps or as she/he grows for extra support. You can wear your baby on the front, side or back using the Manduca. I love the Manduca as it has so many different adjustments to make baby and mum feel comfortable. I had H baby in this carrier from 1 week old and I can honestly see him being in it for a long time to come. It makes life so much easier. Holding your baby “hands free”, I LOVE IT!

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