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Family… close yet too far!

Little P, H baby and Mims

As I mentioned last week, our family of 4 ventured down the coast to visit our mums and dads, some uncles and Aunties and cousins… It was such a glorious 2 weeks of being with family. My mum (aka Mims to the kiddies) is so hands on and having the extra set of hands was utter bliss! Just knowing the pressure wasn’t always on us to entertain and change nappies was so amazing.
Settling back into home life, Andrew back at work, its just me at home with the babes. I love it, but sometimes I get tired and grumpy and just need 5 minutes of quiet where little P could just pop over to her grandmas, a sanity saviour… It really makes me realise how much family being around really means. Our mums don’t live just down the road, but 7 hours south. We are lucky that when they are around, they are all amazing but to have them close would be the best!

So mummy, do you hear me??? Life would be better if you could COME UP HERE PLEASE!!!!

Do you have family that lives close by? Do you get a free day, morning or afternoon when you are child-free?
Cass xoxo