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5 days with EAT FIT FOOD

My baby is now 12 weeks old (were not going to talk in months yet, thats just too scary) and its time to pull my finger out… Still 20 kgs too heavy (I know, its not good!!!), this post baby body is not shredding the left overs as I’d hoped. The lady handles and the double chin seems to be hanging around for some reason and that reason is simple; I EAT TOO MUCH! I love food, oh man do I love food and not having as much time as I had in the past trying to organise meals properly I may not eat for a little while and then when I do eat, I eat a bit too much… And that is also not good. When on the road to loose a few its all about portion sizes, regular eating of portions that aren’t enormous but totally satisfying. And that is where Eat Fit Food comes in; Eat fit food deliver fresh, wholesome, pumped-with-goodness, gourmet, tastes-brilliant, real food to your doorstep! Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Well, thats because it is! Last week I did their 5 day cleanse, but it didn’t feel like cleansing, it felt like indulging as all their food is so yummy! I even got treated to bliss balls and raw carrot cake some days. All meals are gluten, dairy, refined sugar and red meat free. They are set in good sized portions to give you 1 nourishing veggie juice, 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. And have I told you its yummy???

So here’s the run down…

Eat fit food gets delivered to your doorstep in these cool little cooler bags with meals rocking and ready to go!

Day 1

Wow! Delicious much?
Started the day with a cleansing and nourishing veggie juice then it was scrambled eggs, mushrooms and baby spinach on gluten free toast, tofu Raman noodles for lunch and a huge piece of oven baked salmon on sweet potato and greens for din din. Not to mention the snacks in between of beet root dip with little tree (cauliflower and broccoli) dippers.. 
I feel good, although I didn’t think I would feel like this but I am craving something sweet for desert, pretty bad so I have downed an extra litre of lemon water and now headed for a lavender bath and then off to bed for an early night. 

Day 2

Yummy yummy brekky, I absolutely love porridge and breakfast today was a brown rice and quinoa porridge, so delish! 
Lunch was a nourishing soup of carrot and cauliflower and dinner was a warm chicken salad. All amazing and easy to prepare. 
Still craving something sweet but heading to bed early to fight the urge.

Day 3

Day went well. Cravings are slowly leaving me. 
morning tea = X2 bliss balls

Day 4
This has been the best day so far. I have more energy and I am not hungry and not thinking about more food which is good. I 

Day 5

Cant believe its Friday. The weeks go too quick!
Absolutely Loving the food!
Poached eggs for brekky (my fav), panang curry for lunch and baked fish with a delicious roast veg salad for dinner. Feeling good! 
Din Din

What do I think about the Eat Fit Food 5 day cleanse?
I’m giving it a big thumbs up! 

It’s all about portion control, a bit of self control… And water, you have to drink water! Eat Food food 5 day cleanse does this for you and it has given me a big push in the right direction, I even lost a kg! 
I would highly recommend this 5 day program to anyone who needs a kick in the butt to get on the healthy hwy. It is also amazing for anyone on the go who doesn’t have time for meal preparation. Its a winner!

Be sure to head over to Eat Fit Food’s website and check out the range of programs they have and let your mouth water over their delicious food!

Cass xoxo


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