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Just a few changes… No biggie!


You may of noticed a few changes around here, we have a new name; a shortened, more bang, give it to me baby, name… I believe! Not a huge different to you but a huge one to me! 

This blog is a big journey for me as I share whats happening in our lives and the research I find to assist others to live a happy and healthy life for themselves and their families. It has changed alot since we begun just over a year ago and I’m not 100% where it is going but its fun sharing inspiration for health, wellbeing and happiness to all you lovely friends out there as well as sharing the everyday realism of life as a mum.

I have been looking at our blog name for quite a while now and it was just TOO LONG! People would ask me what the name was and I would feel like I was writing them an essay just to get the words out. The other reason was that I feel that the last bit was being lost in the name and people were just calling us; “Choose life”… Well yes, that was the start of our name but it wasn’t just it… I have always said to myself I love the WHOLE name as it is telling readers (and myself) to get out there and just DO IT!!!!! Don’t get lost in the negatives of how things may turn out, just go and try it and see how it goes, there is nothing to loose when the passion is their, within you! 
So “choose life” didn’t cut it for me, it sounded a little cheesy and I felt the point of what we are all about, wasn’t there. So after a major overtired-mumma-meltdown, when all the kiddies went to bed, I started my all-night* journey of name changing… Why wait? Why think? In my own words; just do it! Knowing that I cant stop something until I’m finished I got there in the end and I am so so happy. 

So from now on; you can call us; “LIVE IT. DO IT!” … That’s it, just short and simple, full of life, ready to party, go-getters! Living a life that we love!

Our new online details are:


Twitter: @liveitdoit
Instagram: @liveitdoit
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CAss xox 

*note: Staring up all night is NOT healthy, I really don’t recommend it. 

August 2, 2013