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NEW PRODUCT: Superfoods for Kids

YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!! SO SO SO EXCITED to share these new products that are in our little shop as of today! 

The easiest way to get a rainbow of nutrient-dense veggies and alkaline greens into kids – every day! JUST ADD IT TO ANYTHING THEY ARE EATING!

Superfoods for Kidz Vital Veggie Power – so easy to add extra veggies and alkalizing greens into your daily routine without any nasties or numbers!

A powerful powdered mix of the whole colour spectrum of vegetables, including potent, alkaline greens. It’s easy to conceal in dishes like spag bol, bake into savoury muffins, smother with melted cheese on toasted sandwiches or even stir into juice!

Kids won’t even know they’re eating their veggies, so parents won’t have to plead, nag or bribe! And parents gain peace of mind knowing their kids are getting maximum nutrient content from a whole rainbow of veggies including alkaline greens – every day!

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The easiest, yummiest way to boost kids’ intracellular wellbeing!
A naturally sweet powder great to mix into smoothies, make into ice blocks or swirl into creamy stuff like yoghurt or ice cream.  It’s packed with the antioxidants and phytonutrients of 15 super foods and brimming with vitamin C!
Kids don’t care that the delicious, tangy taste comes from all-natural, vitamin C-rich foods like Kakadu Plum and Camu Camu – 2 of the world’s most potent sources of vitamin c.  But parents do!  And kids don’t care that it’s sweetened only with pure, organic, antioxidant-rich berries and fruit.  But parents do!
Kids just love it – cause it’s yummy!
C BERRY BLAST = Immune boosting Antioxidants
C Berry Blast was design to give kids a concentrated high antioxidant blend of 6 super fruits fortified with 4 wild harvest plants worldrenowned for there high natural Vitamin C content. Ingredients include freeze dried Mango, Acai Berry, Blue Berry, Raspberry, Black Berry, Goji Berry and Cranberry. Vitamin C ingredients are Seabuckthorn, Rosehips, CamuCamu, and Kakadu Plumb.
C-Berry Blast ideal in juice, on yogurt, on cereals, in milk, on ice cream, or straight out of the tub!

Berry Choc Chunk Lunchbox Bars – Superfoods for kids

Delicious & Nutritious!
Feel good about packing your child’s lunchbox with a delicious snack that is healthy too! They’ll never know it’s packed with phytonutrients, bioflavanoids, omegas, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other good-for-you stuff!  They won’t know it contains all organic ingredients with the low G.I., sustainable energy they need to support their developing minds and growing bodies – without the excess sugar!
Finally it’s here – the lunchbox snack they’ll love with:
no processed sugars,
no artifical colours,
no artifical flavours ,
gluten free and dairy free .
Great for school lunchboxes, fundraising, school canteens, cafes, and a sneaky snack for mum. 
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