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Real life…

Weeks seem to be passing quickly, my baby is growing up, my toddler is getting more crazy and I look around the house to more washing, more cleaning up, more mess, more winging… Its been one of ‘those’ weeks. You know those weeks when you look around at your  filthy house and ask yourself; “Is this it? Am I going to be a washing lady forever?”

If you follow me over on instagram you may of seen this photo of poor H babies room covered in CLEAN washing a week ago… It has since been folded and put away and now the floor in the hall way is covered with a similar type of pile. There are toys EVERYWHERE, crumbs all over the floor*, a few spills here and there, a stack of dirty dishes on the sink waiting to be washed up and my couch cushions are airing on the veranda from a wee accident from the toddler that happened yesterday. I could call it chaos but I’m just going to call it; real life.

Please tell me its not just me that feels like this some times, totally overwhelmed to being a mum?

Cass x x x

* I only vacuumed 3 days ago!