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Road trippin’ …


Just 2 weeks ago, we pack up the car, strapped in the kiddies and went on our first big adventure as a family of four. It may of only been to my mums house but it was still 585 km, 7 hours of car restrained suffocation. Packing the car has never been my favourite thing and travelling is by far my least favourite. Packed up the eye balls, we were the car that was bursting at the seems. Bags from the back seat to the front, from the floor to the roof racks. We were congested, we had a singing queen of a toddler asking how much longer we had to drive, a newborn filled with wind and definitely not letting us forget he was just there, in the back, wanting to be held. It was an adventure alright.

7 or 9 (it was all too much to time) hours of child filled noises and tantrums… And when the toddler would start singing and the baby would start crying; my husband and I would look at each other and laugh and say; “Do you remember when it was just us??? That was nice…” Ohhhhh we love them but it was an amazing feeling when we drove into my mums driveway, opened the doors and entered a little slice of freedom!

How do you all go in the car together?

Cass xox