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The Weekend Edition: Parks, Picnics and Garage Sales

Wow, what a busy weekend! From one end of the country to the other*… Saturday was filled with a beautiful picnic in the park to celebrate my gorgeous neice’s 11th birthday. We ate chicken on bread rolls and picked at soft cheese and chocolate while chatting about the weeks that had passed and the time we had so busily missed of each other, as families do. Little P absolutely idolises her big cousins and watching her as she is memorised in their child chatter as they explore the surroundings, just makes my heart melt. We finished the afternoon by singing happy birthday to a half eaten cake, blew out a fake candle and then headed back home as the sun went down and the kiddies drifted to sleep.

Sunday morning started with a bang of loading our trash* onto/into the car to sell (or giveaway) at our great friends moving out garage sale. We sat on the front lawn sipping on indian chai lattes and chewing on nut butter bliss balls as weekend wanderers browsed our old’s. It was a day of farewells as we shared the last weekend of memories with our buddies beach front unit for them to make a trip up the hill next weekend to make an exciting new home. It was a lovely day…

When sunday night hit, I looked* around at my filthy house and piles of washing… Then I said “nigh, nigh” and was in bed before the babies!

What did you get up to?

Cass xo

*Or so it felt like
* Someone else’s treasure
* How the hell does anyone have time to keep their house clean? If you know, I need your tips!!! 

July 15, 2013