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WEARING: It’s all about Scarves!

If there’s one accessory I have been wearing everyday lately, it is a scarf! Why? 1. Its freezing! 2. They make any outfit look good. 3. It covers any baby goo and 4. It covers my massive chest that I have been not-so-blessed with post baby!!!! 
Scarves have been my best buddy. This beautiful scarf is from the amazing ethical and sustainable fashion label; Indigo Bazaar. It is the real deal, a traditional ikat scarf handloomed by talented artisans in India. It is just divine; made with 100% cotton, it gives that oomph of colour that I need on my not so confident days! Add on a little Ere perez eye liner and some scotch polish on my nails and I feel a million dollars!
Now, we are off to a first birthday party! Hope you a having a lovely Sunday! 

Cass xox


July 4, 2013