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A different type of Saturday…

Our Saturdays are usually filled with outdoor family activities, rushing around to catch up with people, play dates, lunches, BBQ’s, garage sales, gardening, cooking, there is always something on! 
Yesterday was a different type of Saturday. After my major melt down, my mum took little P for a sleep over at her great grandmas place, to stay with my little sister and her. They went out visiting family, played tea parties, kicked the ball and ran after the dog (amoung lots of other fun things I’m sure)… 
H baby, Andrew and I sat inside and listened to the quiet.* The quiet that I have been missing so much!  We didn’t rush around, we didn’t clean up, we just sat on the couch and watched a movie.*

* The most quiet you can get with a 3 month old. 
* I never watch TV! We don’t actually have any TV reception so a movie is a real treat … I’ll fill you in on that another day. 

Cass x x x