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A gardening date, every day!

I asked little P today what her and daddy were going to at when I popped out to the shops. She quite firmly replied; “In the garden! We play in the garden mummy!”

It’s safe to say the Daddy of the house is totes obsessed with the gardening. I think it is his out, a bit of therapy pottering around in the garden for him. And a bit of an out for me too as Everyday, without fail he takes little P for a tour of the garden. They give some love to each and every plant, checking if the tomatoes have gone red, picking bugs off the kale, seeing if a strawberry has grown or a blue berry has gone blue yet. They take the compost out, stir the compost bin up, and move plants from one side of the yard to the other to get just the right sun light. 
And as the tour continues “Daddy” tells little P the real life story of how our garden grows showing her where food really comes from and how proud they both are. So much love goes into that garden from the two of them and their bonding is beautiful!
Today they were out in the garden in their comfy new threads; Andrew tells me these Witjuti clothes are so comfy (a great gift for Father’s Day)
Andrew wears:
(He tells me they are so comfy! Not too late, Such an awesome present for dad for Father’s Day!)

Little P wears:
August 25, 2013