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Asking for help…

Is it really Friday again already??? It’s crazy how time is flying! H baby is so much more “alive” and we’re all loving the big smiles and the conversations of baby banter! He is just getting more amazing everyday!

Little P is still the doting big sister and I’m forever asking her to “move back” and explain to her; “we don’t need to be that close”… 
This week we have reached the 3 month milestone and the new baby bubble is slowly but surely slipping away as we reach the reality of “is there still another load of washing to be done?” And “can you please let me put you down, just for 5 minutes?” 
I am so so tired and I have spent some days escaping from my filthy house and others in tears just looking at it.*
Trying to keep a business on track, having huge ideas in my lack-of-spare time and being a full time mum, trying to be a good mum, a wife, and a house keeper is hard work! It’s too much work and its hitting me! How can us mums do it all and still stay in one piece?
I simply can’t! This week, I put my pride to the side and asked for help; I made the phone call to mummy.
My magic Mary Poppin’s mum came down to my saviour. We folded laundry, dusted, wiped benches, vacuumed bedrooms, mopped floors, we even put the laundry away into the drawers.
It made me remind myself that as mums we don’t need to be good at everything, we don’t need to be able to do it all at the same time and once we accept this, we can give ourselves a break and ask for some help if we need it. Being a mum isn’t an easy job and we need to give ourselves more credit and remember that it’s only a short time before our children will grow up a bit and be able to do the washing and cleaning for us… Haha, one can only wish! 
Do you have any support close by? Do you find it hard asking for help?
Cass x x

* Having babies is a serious emotional roller coaster!!