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New gear means new motivation right?

Loving Abi and Joseph active wear this season. 
The first few months after having a baby are the most exciting, amazing, tiring and crazy times in our lives. A new life is such a beautiful thing and to watch him grow and know you made him is such an amazing feeling! But what can come with this joyous bundle of fabulous-ness is a big butt, huge love handles, a non-exsistant waist, a saggy chest and flabby arms… Some are blessed enough with only one or two of these extras, some with none… me? I was blessed with all five, lucky huh?*
After little P was born I was out pelting the pavement 2 weeks post birth, it was summer time, it was hot and it felt good. This time around, its been different. It’s winter, its cold and I have a toddler around. I have somehow found every excuse in the book NOT to get out and exercise and as I catch a glimpse of my floppy arms in the mirror, I feel like crap! 
Yes, crap! Exercise is the most important thing for health and wellness, especially the emotional side of things. Its wakes us up and gives us a hit of upbeat endorphins that I have been missing. I need to get moving. I have been doing the odd walk but I need more. I need that hit! I need some motivation! 
So what does one do when they feel like a pick-me-up? Go shopping of course!!!
It was time to let go of my old runners with holes through to the soles and sagging tights that are almost see-through and get online and get myself a new get up. I am feeling fresh and ready to move it, move it! 
This week I will be struggling up a few hills pushing a 14 kg double pram and 2 children… What will you be doing to move your butt???
Cass xox
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*not so much
August 8, 2013