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FUNNY FACES: Green Smoothie mo and all! LOL!

Fun idea that arrived in my inbox this morning from the veggie mama herself. Its nice to stop for a moment and NOT think so here goes…

Making : Raw Chocolate
Cooking : Leak and Sweet potato Soup
Drinking : Lemon tea
Reading: Wholefood for Children, By Jude Blereau
Wanting: To get a full nights sleep
Looking: Forward to some sunshine
Playing: Lego with little P.
Wasting: Time on the internet
Sewing: Nothing at the moment… But next on the list is hemming H babies curtains that have been cut off. 
Wishing: I could have half an hour everyday for me.
Enjoying: the big smiles from my H baby.
Waiting: For my husband to take the compost out.
Liking: How my blog is going right now
Wondering: Where we will be in 10 years
Loving: My family so so much!
Hoping: For my little P to not have to wear nappies to bed for much longer.
Marvelling: at how my babies are growing and changing. So beautiful!
Needing: Sleep
Smelling: The beautiful flowers a great friend gave me from her garden.
Wearing: Bambi PJ’s
Following: So many cool peeps over on instagram.
Noticing: How late it is…
Knowing: That I will need to be up again soon…
Thinking: ALL-THE-TIME!!
Feeling: Excited for what is to come.
Bookmarking: Love this lady; http://www.natkringoudis.com.au/
Opening: A parcel of awesome new fitness gear from Abi and Joseph
Giggling: at little P when she sings!
Feeling: So grateful for everything that I have been blessed with.

I want to know what your up to… Fill it in and give me your the link in the comments below. 

Cass xoxo