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Oldies but Goodies

There are friends that come and friends that go. Friends that stick around for a little while and friends that dont. There are friends that are like family and there are friends that you may never see but when you do, it’s just like the last time you saw them was yesterday!

This week I got to spend time with one of those friends, a busy friend that I have known since school. We dont see each other often at all, she flys in and out but always makes some time for us. We chatted for hours*; she tells me about her exciting adventures and I share with her the joys and lack of sleep that motherhood brings. We built sand castles in the sunshine and drank chai latte’s by the beach. So so so much to catch up on, so much fun we had, it was a great couple of days! 
It’s these friends, we call great friends and we keep them close… 
Do you have a great friend you don’t see very often? 

Cass Xox

*when we could get a word in around little P. 
August 15, 2013