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Babies wee and poo all day, it is a never ending cycle of changing nappies for new mums and it can get messy… For the past 3 months we have been using a mixture between cloth and toxic free disposable nappies on our H baby. I have talked about how I feel about nappies here. The reusable nappies we have been using are called REAL NAPPIES, we were given the essentials pack when H baby was born. I was a little scepitcle as they seem so affordable and don’t look as fancy as the others on the market but when I started using them they were amazing and they work! No leaking, no mess! So heres the run down…

“Real Nappies is a Cloth Nappy system that works, that’s it, easy, pure and simple cloth nappies designed and developed in that little country somewhere in Middle Earth.”

What comes in the essentials pack?

The Real Nappies Essentials Pack contains all the cloth nappy inserts, covers and liners you need for your child including:
12 x cloth nappies (cotton inserts)
3 x Snug Wraps (waterproof nappy covers)                          
1 x Bioliner Nappy Liners, Roll of 100
1 x helpful User Guide

Why do I like REAL NAPPIES?

– They are easy! Like really easy. Easy to use and so easy to clean. And the cleaning part sold them to me. Having to wash nappies every day made me postpone using them straight up with little P. Washing is hard enough to get done, let alone adding the never ending nappy cycle into the mix. The great thing about real nappies is that you don’t need to wash the whole nappy every time you need a new one, you only have the wash the liner so this means it dries easier and you don’t have to have as many.

– The other reason why I love them is that they are affordable. You can pick up a pack of 12 liners made of pure cotton and 3 waterproof nappy covers for under $100. Buying nappies is expensive and buying modern cloth nappies upfront can be out of control expensive so to be able to pick up a bunch of nappies that are made with premium materials at an affordable price, that work is a winner for me.

– They fit a newborn! Most modern cloth nappies are going for the one size fits all nappies to save on costs as they are quite highly priced but REAL NAPPIES come in 4 sizes. This is good because it actually fits a newborn really well, very snug, meaning no leakages. Only bad thing about this is that you have to buy more nappies as baby grows.

–  And last but not least, they are super cute!

You can check out REAL NAPPIES and their great products here: http://www.real-nappies.com.au/ 

Cass xox