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There were 4 in the bed and the little one said…


When I became a mum I never thought I would have to share my bed with anyone but my husband. I always thought that the mums that had to rock, pat, or lay next to their children to get them to sleep were just softies or hippies. After years of baby sitting “sooky” kids that wanted me to lay next to them til they went to sleep, I made a decision that I would not let me kids walk over me like that and they would go to bed at bedtime by themselves, I wasn’t going to be a co-sleeping parent, it can’t be that hard to train your children to just go to bed can it?

Wasn’t I wrong??? Totally wrong!!! I obviously was yet to receive my burst of “only mums” hormones that want only the best for their children and never want them to be upset. Babies like to have their parents close. Its a safe feeling for them.
Now, 3 years and 2 babies down the track, there are 4 people that sleep in our bed. On the occasion we wake up with only 2 in the bed and thats when we get nervous something is wrong but low and behold, a bellow of a 2 year old comes running down the hall way to wake us up!

Most nights we all start in our own beds happily and then at some stage during the night we may hear a scream and a run down the hall to hop into our bed, then a little bit later a cry and a whinge by the boy to be picked up to join the slumber party. It can be a squished situation of an arm in the face or a foot in the ribs but it works for us* and we like it.

Do your children still wake up in the night? Are you a co-sleeping family?

Cass xox

August 8, 2013