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We’re on the un-wrap!

The wrap dilemma is a topic in the live it do it house hold at the moment.

Every night we put our Sunny boy cosy in his wrap me up swaddle. He is so snug and sleeps so well, it has been a life saver. On the occasion when the swaddle is in the wash we are guaranteed to have a wrest-less night. It kills me. He squirms around and gets all unwrapped, his fingers are freezing and he won’t go back to sleep.

But now, the Sunny boy has learnt to roll. He’s a strong little cookie and I’m not sure that swaddling will be a safe option for much longer. On the hunt for a solution this week we have moved onto the love to dream 50/50 swaddle. It is great as you can zip each arm hole off gradually to keep baby comfortable and transition from sleeping wrapped to unwrapped is his own time. With this little gem I’m confident we are going to have a smooth transition. So wish me luck!!!!
We’re on the un-wrap!
At what age did your baby start sleeping unwrapped? 
Cass x x x
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August 22, 2013
August 25, 2013