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A perfect start to Spring + WIN

Today was such a wonderful fathers day and the very first day of the Sugar Free September challenge. We started the day off with opening Daddy’s presents (P was the best at that one), followed by a big homemade nourishing breakfast, a play in the sunshine in the backyard, then down to the water for a coffee and to feed the birds. Then finished with an afternoon BBQ on the deck. (In between rocking Sunny and cuddling him through his squirming cries) it was a blissful day. What an amazing start to Spring we got with a big hit of vitamin D, such a stunning day!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a baby that will not let me put him down for long. He likes to be cuddled, he likes to be rocked, he likes to be chatted to, he just likes to be all up in it, anything! He cant sit still. I have been using my baby carrier ALOT! And I mean alot, alot. Its great as I can get a few things done while baby is going through his never ending need for his mummy and (sometimes) daddy. There’s something amazing about wearing your baby when he will NEVER let you put him down, it just makes life that little bit easier as a parent.

Recently we were sent this SUPPORi Baby sling so we thought we would give it a go. The most amazing thing about it (other than the funky colours) is that is is so light and it folds up into such a tiny size in your bag so you can have it on stand by if you need it on an outing. I have never been very keen on baby slings as they always seem to look quite awkward but not this one. It is a great design so it sits really nicely on the shoulder and it doesn’t hurt your back, it was a real shock to me when I put it on for the first time. Its so easy to use and so comfortable. I’m really looking forward to summer time and being able to take little Sunny into the water int he SUPPORi at the beach too as the material is fine to go in the water. Its the perfect carrier for anyone active, baby just sits like you are holding him on your hip, only its hands-free! We even put Little P in it and she loves it. 

I have to say this is a really cool addition to anyones baby bag! The lovely people at Little M have so kindly given me one SUPPORi Baby Sling to gift to one lucky Live it, Do it reader and you will be able to choose your correct size and any colour you desire! All you have to do to enter is answer the mantitory question via the rafflecoptor link below. There are lots of ways to gain extra entries too! Valid for Australian Postal addresses only (excluding the A.C.T.). 


To read more about the fab SUPPORi Baby Slings and the other great products Little M stocks go to
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