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A special day for my boy : Food Edition

As I mentioned last week, we had a yard party for our Little Sunny boy. It was a special day for us to officially introduce our baby boy to our closest friends and family and it was a day for us to celebrate him being in our lives. It was the perfect day! The day was filled with so much sunshine, fun and lots of food. The kids bounced on jumping castles, the mums sipped on sparkling and the dads hung out around the BBQ. We couldn’t of asked for a more amazing day and I think it would of been our best celebration so far. It was so much fun!

Oh yes, my family loves food and we love feeding people delicious food that is good! It was a team effort to bring together a feast-ful afternoon, all food was additive, refined sugar and totally crap-free.

Here’s what was on the menu:

Spring rolls
Chicken Skewers
Lamb skewers
Hummus (Mr Live it, Do it has perfected THE BEST recipe so will share that with you soon)
Yogurt dip
beetroot dip
Marinated kangaroo steaks

Sweets included:
Cake (when icing was removed it was fructose free so no sugar, gluten free and super yummy!)
Coconut and Vanilla Cupcakes with coconut cream topping (recipe in Jude Blereau’s new wholefood baking book = AMAZING!)
Coconut Butter dipped strawberries
Treatie balls (AKA bliss balls)

We drank:
Lemon and Mint Sparkling Iced Tea (will have a recipe up on the blog soon)
Sparkling mineral water with lemon

Thats it, delicious real food! No need for any crap!

Whats your favourite crap-free party food?

Cass xox

September 5, 2013
September 8, 2013