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Food food food…

Parenting and food is taking over my mind at the moment… Well, its always on my mind but lately I have been thinking about how the food we feed our kids affects them both physically and mentally.

One could say I am a bit strict on my children when it comes to food, well maybe ALOT strict with food.When it comes to my babies, as you have probably already picked up on, I want them to eat only the best. I want everything that they eat to nourish their precious insides and build immunity.

I wouldn’t call myself strict with food, I would call myself a good mum. I am a mum that wants the best for her children and I am going to do my very best to guide them with the best start to life that I can provide.

It really upsets me when I see parents buying their child a lolly pop at the check out at the super market after school or have their trollies loaded up with processed food. I am not mad at the parent, I am mad that they don’t know that this pure nutrient poor crap does to our bodies, especially children’s bodies. We simply cannot digest it. They may think they are  giving their child a treat but how can this be a treat when it is full of so many additives that their poor little bodies struggle, causing more issues in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for treats, I love treats! But the treats I provide are also full of goodness. 

I have heard it from all angles; I am a bad mum because I’m not letting my child have the crap, I will make her want it more when she’s older. I have been made to feel bad when I say NO and I have even been made a joke of when a parent told her child not to give any of her snacks to my duaghter because it “wasn’t on her diet”…. SO am I the bad parent for wanting whats best for my kids? For doing the research and keeping their young vulnerable bodies away from foods (we shouldn’t even call some of these things food), that I believe are doing more harm to children than good? 
It’s a really tricky one as a parent, our children are bombarded with advertising of processed foods and they are surrounded by society that tells them its ok to love it! I don’t want my baby to love it and I dont want my baby to think its ok. 
So far, I have been able to avoid it, but at (almost) 3 years old my little P is becoming more inquisitive and wants to try what other kids are nibbling on, things that I may not be ok with… Do you (a) tell her she can’t have it and (maybe) make the other child feel bad and her have a tantrum because she doesn’t understand which could lead to emotional issues in the future? (b) Try to explain to her it’s junk and we don’t eat junk? Or (c) do you let her hoe in? I go with b for the majority of the time but am I creating emotional stresses for my young child by saying no or am I doing her good? 
Why does society make it so hard for us to keep it simple??? 

Cass xo

September 11, 2013
September 12, 2013