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The adventures of Sunny Boy and Ballet Girl…

We have successfully reached week 21 without too much crazy being a family of 4. From the moment little P set her eyes on her baby bro, she was in total obsession and full of over powering love for the little guy that she was to call her brother. Her love is so precious and I treasure that, it also sends me crazy as I am always waiting out for her next move of love that may smother her baby brother… It can be trying and she has been getting more of her ‘crazy mum’ that usual.

And now, after 20 weeks, time has caught up of her, she has had enough of her new toy, her brother is getting more attention and she would like him to go away. She loves him to the end of the moon and back, I really know she does but its all catching up on her and the beautiful girl that she is, is becoming quite the emotional 2 year old.
SO this week, we have been focusing on the fun! Little P wants to dress in a “ballet dress” (aka; any dress with frills that spins with her but this one is her favourite at the moment) everyday and she dancers all day long. We have been heading out in the sunshine and making the most of the days, no stress, just the best parts of the sea breeze and not too many “No’s!”

How do you help your children through the transition???

CAss xo

My children are dressed in the pictures above by Eeni Meeni Miini Moh. P is in LOVE with this Cap Dress and I can see Sunny living in this little playsuit through summer. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh clothes and accessories are to die for, only made with the best materials, and such amazing designs. Its hard not to fall in love with what they have to offer. I would definitely recommend browsing the Eeni Meeni Miini Moh online store!!! More info: http://www.eenimeeni.com/

September 29, 2013