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Weekend Adventures

WOW! What an amazing weekend we had.
On friday afternoon we packed up our essentials, loaded the boat* and headed off for an adventure in the local National Park; The Basin. We have explored this area before on day trips and it is such a perfect spot to lay out a picnic rug, have a BBQ and swim to your hearts content. The water is just amazing, so clear, its like a secret island paradise. If you haven’t been there before, I highly recommend getting the family or some friends together and making a day of it.

Never before been camping with children, my husband and I were quietly freaking out but when we got their and our tent was set up, the weekend flew along with breeze and excitement. We woke up to wallabies at our door steps and ducks wandering around; it truly was a children’s paradise. Sunny had his very first swim in the ocean and little P spent the weekend with the biggest smile on her face and lots of laughter. It was the family time that we needed; we switched off our phones and enjoyed the simpleness of the coast, it was true bliss!!!!

What have you been up to this school holidays?

Cass xo

* There is also a ferry that runs regularly to and from The Basin.

Go over and get inspire with WilderQuest by checking out their fun filled websitehttp://www.wilderquest.nsw.gov.au/
And you can read more about the magic of WilderQuest in a previous post here.

Thank you so much to WilderQuest for these two wonderful nights away in the National Park. 

September 29, 2013