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We’re going on a big adventure – WilderQuest Style + WIN a $280 adventure pack!




Growing up on the Far South Coast of NSW and then finishing High school in the Snowy Mountains, one would think that National Parks have been a huge part of my life.

And they have, some of my fondest childhood memories are trips into the bush with my classmates; hiking, camping, swimming, snowboarding, snow shoeing and even building an igloo in some of the most beautiful National Parks that cover the South East of Australia.
I have walked 36 km’s in 3 days with everything I needed on my back down in Ben Boyd National Park doing the Tower-to-Tower walk when I was 14. I camped in the snow; we kept warm sipping on hot chocolates and chatted all night long. We did day trips out to Saltwater where we enjoyed picnic lunches and swam all day. I had so many fun adventures and I have so many memories to keep with me forever.

But it wasn’t always like this for me; my parents weren’t really into that kind of dirty outdoorsy stuff. Yes, we spent endless days at the beach and took many trips to the Snowy Mountains to go skiing and Snowboarding, but camping and creepy crawlies was never on my parents to do list. The closest thing to a night camping in the bush for my family was all of us sharing a room in a cheap motel. And if I were to ask to go out bush, then I would be told; “And why would you want to do something silly like that?”
Why would I like to do something silly like that??? Why wouldn’t I? Getting outdoors is fun!
Maybe they were scared of the unknown, maybe they had no idea where to start, maybe they just weren’t ready for the fun we might all have!

Now, living in the busy life of Sydney and having children of my own, I get it; it’s not as easy for us all to venture out. What is easy for a lot of parents is putting the ipad on and passing it to their children to play with… When I became a mum, being the outdoors type, I was NEVER going to let my child touch my phone or the ipad for that matter; it was a no-go zone… I didn’t want to breed a “tech-head.”
Almost 3 years down the track and giving no introduction to the ipad, my daughter knows how to turn it on and get to a game I didn’t even know existed, it’s like technology is bred into them and in today’s society I feel as parents, we need to embrace it.

That is where WilderQuest comes in; a game aimed for kids aged 5-12 years old, that is not only educational but also gets children excited and motivated to get outdoors and explore! It really ignites a love of nature, teaching them all about the world they live in, as well as the native animals, their homes and how to stay safe in our National Parks. WilderQuest gets our children wanting to enjoy what Australia really has to offer, learning and wanting to play outdoors.
WilderQuest has won a number of industry awards including an IAB award for tablet marketing and six AIMIA awards including Best Children’s, Best Learning and Education, Best of the Best Award, Best Non-Profit, Best Application for a Tablet and the Best Tourism and Travel.
WilderQuest is an educational program that recreates nature accurately so that children can really learn while having fun and improving their development through outdoor learning and play. And what’s more, it extends the online experience into the real-world with WilderQuest Discovery tours.

There is nothing more amazing than heading outside with our children, listening to the birds, taking in the sunshine, experiencing the simple things in life and appreciating the country that we live in.

So this school holidays; I encourage you to get your kiddies onto WilderQuest so they can teach you the ropes. Then you can all grab a picnic rug, pack some lunch and venture into a National Park near you!!! We may just see you there; our little family will be heading to the National park for a big adventure and I’m so excited!


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TOTAL VALUE: $289.84

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In the mean time, here are some links to get you started:
Try the iPad app: http://tiny.cc/kgtm3w
Don’t be shy and share your experience on the WilderQuest facebook pagewww.facebook.com/wilderquest
Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Wilderquest.  However all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

September 19, 2013