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Bring on Summer time cruising with a very pretty LEKKER bike!

I’ve always wanted a cruiser style bike, but not just any type of bike, I wanted a really pretty, shiny, beautiful bike that I could call me own and cruise off into the sunset. I’ve always had bikes but never a really pretty bike. Nothing that was worth talking about, just a simple ride for a bit of exercise.

Recently I found the most beautiful brand of bikes; LEKKER Bikes. Let me tell you; it was love at first site!!! They are the real deal; straight from Amsterdam. Think huge wheels, comfy seat and a beautiful big wicker basket for all the things that you need for the day. When I laid my eyes on these bikes from LEKKER; all I could think of was freedom, the wind in my hair and the days ahead… Just pure fun!
I did picture a 19 year old me on the bike without a care in the world, no children, just me, on a bike with nothing else to worry about. But as we know, that with children freedom is not an easy word to come by and life is always a bit cray cray! So when thinking of getting a new bike; safety, functionality, and quality all have to come into the picture… As well as asking if a baby seat can go on it. And LEKKER has come to the rescue; they are not only pretty but they are made with only the best materials with comfort and safety in mind.

So now one Sunday mornings; I ride into the sunrise, feeling the wind in my hair, and the freedom of the crazy but all with my big girl on the back calling out for me; “Mummy,  Go faster faster!”… It gives me that bit of “young again”!
I can feel some amazing times, journeys and adventures ahead this Spring and coming Summer on my LEKKER SPORTIEF!

I highly recommend checking these beautiful LEKKER BIKES out herehttp://www.lekkerbikes.com.au/

About LEKKER BIKES: LEKKER was founded to share Dutch riding culture with a country that is becoming obsessed with bikes. “LEKKER are bikes with strong Dutch heritage, designed exclusively for the Australian rider” says LEKKER founder and Dutch ex-pat Meindert.

The word “lekker” in Dutch means tasty, pleasurable or nice. Originally used to refer to food, but now used widely to describe anything that is beautiful, cool, tasty or sexy.
LEKKER aim is to provide people with a bicycle at a reasonable price without sacrificing the most important aspects – quality and aesthetics.
Thank you so much to LEKKER bikes for giving me the opportunity to ride and review this amazing bike. 
October 5, 2013