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An Intervention of the plastic toy variety!

This is happening! This is really happening!

When dreaming of having children; I always pictured a perfectly tidy house, with perfect beautiful bedrooms, with perfect little children’s toys in their perfect little spots. It was the picture of perfection, no mess, no fuss. Just pure family perfection. 
Yes I know I was in dream land but it was a good picture right?
The problem is that what comes with children are birthdays, Christmas, any excuse for family and friends to offload billions of pieces of plastic that our children (and our houses) don’t need! Which in turn, leads to so much mess and so much crap!* As I look around my home, its hard not to feel like we are drowning in a sea of plastic and it just makes me angry! It makes me ask, are other kids houses the same? When does it stop?
So instead of facing the problem, being by myself I packed up the kids and we headed down the coast to my mums for some down time.
After a couple of days of sanity relief I asked my good friend; Amber from Ronnie Jones how she does it… How does she have 2 children and her house is only full of beautiful things, beautiful wooden toys with no plastic in sight! It is amazing!
The answer; she doesn’t let it in her house and she has made it very clear to her friends and family that she will pass any gift on that is of this variety. Yes, I need to do this so my house doesn’t look like it has been burgled with the plastic monster!!!!
When we make our way back to our home there will be an intervention… 
Before we left for the south coast we introduced the concept of outdoor toys; all the bright pink plastic ride on toys are out side in the yard to stay outside and to play with outside in the yard. 
When I get back to Sydney everything else will be sorted; there will be a craft draw, an activity draw, broken toys that may go into recycling, and toys that will go to families in need. It will feel good and it will be cleansing! From now on, we will live in simpleness; 
So all our beautiful friends and family out there, we know you may have our best interested at heart, but please refrain from buying anything of the plastic variety*. 

* crap; yes I said it!
* Except Lego of cause; we love Lego. Haha
October 27, 2013