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Meet the girls that just moved in out the back

Daphne, Mavis, Daisy and Bev and 4 lovely ladies that have made a new home of our back yard. 
As we dream of a journey to becoming semi-self sufficient in our urban farm yard, we have chatted constantly about filling our yard with some chooks. Our conversations have always started with my husband expressing how wonderful it would be and finishing with me expressing how much I don’t want to be wading through poop to get to the washing line or have too much on my plate when he’s away with work. So we usually just dream and then move onto what is happening next in our lives. 
A couple of weeks ago things changed. On a Thursday afternoon we had the same chicken conversation with no plans and on the Friday we had 2 chooks and a coop in our yard. Not much discussion, just that some chickens needed a new home and that home was ours! 
On day 1 we already were surprised with an egg, but if we have a family of 4 (sometimes 5 when my sister is around) 2 eggs a day just won’t cut it… So by that afternoon we bought a couple more from a local nursery and then there were 4. 
We are excited for what is to come and the way little P has fallen in love with the additions to our family makes my heart melt. To be able to teach her where food really comes from is such a rewarding and fun thing to be able to do. 
So we have 4 chicks that we will look after and they will look after us. I could go to town on telling you how amazing eggs are for us! They are a great breakfast, a whole protein, a great baby food and the perfect snack. 
Fresh eggs to feed our little family and a group of toddling women for my P to play with all afternoon long! 
Where do you get your eggs from? Do you have chooks? 
Cass x x
October 5, 2013