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Tuesday Chats: Tanya from Additive-Free Pantry

On the topic of Additive free October I would love for you to meet the lovely Tanya from Additive Free Pantry… An amazing lady on a REAL FOOD mission!
Tell us a bit about yourself and your business. How did it all start?
What’s the biggest nutrition misconception you are always having to clear up
for people?

I am a mother of three children. Kelsea 20, Kade 11 and Fletcher 9. My business
Additive Free Pantry was created about 5 1/2 years ago. Kade was diagnosed with
asthma at the age of 3. I stumbled onto the food additive world a few years later
and was dumb founded at what I was reading. After implementing changes within
our home pantry, I was so surprised to see how it changed my youngest child’s
behaviour. He stopped throwing tantrums and was easier to manage in general. I
knew I was onto something. I just had no idea how wonderful it would feel to help
other mums make the same transition.
I am just a mum who read a book, that ignited a fire in my belly that drove me to
create a business to inspire parents to make an informed choice about what is
really going into their children’s little bodies. I love what I do. I feel very blessed to
have the opportunity to inspire change.

Do you have any advice or inspiration to send out to any of our readers that
are thinking about starting a healthier way of living???
Sure, When it comes to getting it right, just focus on getting it right for you and your
family. What may seem right for one is not always right for everyone. Sugar free,
gluten free, dairy free, nut free, additive free, raw, organic, paleo, carb free, low
protein, high protein, juicing, vegan, vegetarian, fasting….I mean seriously the list
goes on and on. Just choose what “fits best” for you. Don’t try to be everything, just
be the best version of yourself.

What’s the biggest nutrition misconception you are always having to clear up
for people?

Just because a food additive is approved by FSANZ to use here in Australia does
not mean it is safe for consumption. If other countries have banned them, there is a
reason for it. Read the labels, don’t be fooled by marketing and make choices that
benefit your health, not just the manufacturers bank account.

What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your diet?
Food additives…surprise, surprise. When we are eating at home, no harmful food
additive is allowed. I do the shopping so it’s super easy to feed my family that way. I
will never knowingly eat MSG, aspartame or numbers like 211, 220 319 and
320…nasty nasty little things.

We understand that you strive to motivate others to be the best they can be;
where do you get your drive?

My children. Kade and his lack of asthma is a huge driving force. Fletcher and his
level behaviour also .To see two kids created by the same parents that have
completely different reactions to food additives is an eye opener. I know that all of
the effort I go to on a daily basis is so worth it. If I get to truly enjoy my children for
who they are, then maybe there are other mums out there who may also benefit
from what I have learnt, seen and changed. Let’s face it, we only get one shot at

 raising our children to the best of our ability and I choose my children every
time….because our children are worth it!!

If you had half an hour to cook dinner and realised you didn’t have
anything planned, what would you cook?

Eggs on toast, scrambled or poached with smoked salmon if the fridge is not
completely empty.

What’s your favourite juice or smoothie?
Beetroot, carrot, lemon and apple juice is one of my favourite to make of a
morning. I also love anything with mint and pineapple added.
What is your favourite live by affirmation, mantra or quote?

Be the change you wish to see in the world…. Ghandi

I cannot expect people to take me seriously if I am not living what I teach. I
live and eat additive free…maybe one day it will be the norm for the entire
world to be this way too.

Do you have a recipe you would like to share with us today?
It is not a recipes as such, just a very quick snack that my boys love after
school.. dark choc drops and raw cashews, sweet and filling all at the same
Lastly; Where can we find you?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/additivefreepantry 

Instagram: additivefreepantry 

Tanya’s family fun.