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WEARING: Summer essentials!

Yes, I know my “wearing” posts have been few and far between and I have no other excuse than I just don’t feel that great so taking pictures of myself is not my favourite thing at the moment.

I am living in rotation of a few outfits and they are the essentials; I love a comfy pair of pants, a plain T shirt and a pretty colourful scarf. It’s got to be easy to move in and breast feeding friendly. 
This week I was lucky enough to step into Sussan by myself (YES!!!!! I went shopping without children hanging off me, I was free!!!!). I have always known Sussan for their pyjamas, every year since before I can remember, without fail, I have opened a beautifully wrapped Christmas present from my grandma of amazing (yet offensively oversized by my Mummar as that’s what grandmas do) pajamas! The pajamas have always been so comfortable andso gorgeous but I never looked any further into what clothing they stocked as if my grandma shopped there, then it must be a grandma shop. 
Wasn’t I surprised when I walked into this womens clothing store that is full of summer colours, style and clothing to suit any body type and any age group. I was in heaven, I had such a great time skimming the wracks for the latest patterns and trends. But I just couldn’t go past this pair of pants; are they jeans or are they the comfiest lounge pants I’ve ever put on? Hmmmmmmm who cares?!?! They are amazing!!!! I can’t take them off, they are so light and feel like wearing trackies, pair them with a simple summer tee and some bright accessories and I’m good to go, ready for summer.

Disclaimer: I was gifted vouchers thanks to Sussan for this fun shopping experience.