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HELLO OUT THERE, I’m ready to meet you!


When I first began blogging, I didn’t know about “blogging”. I didn’t know about other bloggers, I didn’t know that bloggers talked to each other or were friends, I didn’t know mums blogged about day to day Mayhem, I didn’t know bloggers could win awards. I didn’t even know their were blogs about blogging.

When I began blogging (only just over a year ago); all I knew were a couple of healthy recipe blogs, these blogs I idolised, read, re-read and then read them again. They would post a weekly recipe, some amazingly healthy information and the gorgeous food picture to go with it to make your mouth water. It was what I wanted my blog to be; an educational resource for people to be inspired, definitely nothing about me… I knew quite a few people that started a blog at the same time I did, but they were more like online diaries, blogs about being a mum, sharing the day to day routine. I took a look but didn’t get it, I didn’t get why anyone would want to write about their life on the internet.
As I become more consumed in being a mum, less time to study and more consumed in blogging; I notice how my blog has evolved into something I never thought it would be… It’s a mummy blog… And now I LOVE THAT! I love sharing my journey whilst still having an aspect of healthy parenting and sustainable living thrown into the mix. Being a mummy blogger and watching just how big the blogging community is and how tight knit they are makes me realise how out of touch I have been. I have a little look at other blogs and see so much conversation between bloggers and I just sigh with the thought of “How does everyone have the time to chat???” At times, I struggle to get my kids fed, bathed, into bed and then get onto my blog posts, let alone, read other peoples blogs and start e-meeting all these amazing people out there. Life is busy! BUT blogging can get a bit lonely and as I do see this amazing supportive environment out there, it makes me want to be part of it, it makes me want to meet other bloggers!

SO Yes, It may of taken me a while but to the blogging community out there, I have come out from under my rock and I am ready, I would love to meet you!

Do you have a a blog? I would love to check it out; please leave your link below!

Cass xo

November 25, 2013