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Pia-ballet-girls room tour

I have wanted to show you my little P’s big girl room for a while now, well really as soon as we made it a little special and a bit pretty. 

I don’t show many house-y things on the blog, because, I’m not really a house-y person. I’m a food person and I like things to look good but I’m not good with design and I don’t create very well. I find it hard to see the great in something not-so-great , I find things amazing that are already amazing! 
When we moved into our retro home, we moved all P’s stuff into her room, we put in a vintage wardrobe we picked up off the street and it looked ok but it was dull! Who am I kidding, it was super dull! Little P’s room is in a shady corner of the house, very limited sunlight and big wiped out wooden built in that does the room no justice. As we began to create a space for our upcoming arrival; Sunny, his room looked amazing, so much colour, so much attention and P P was so involved and so excited! The prettier the babies room became the more drab poor P’s room became… So after a chat with Mim (my mum), we decided little P needed a big girl room, a revamp, some attention to her !!!! 
So this is what we did; new curtains (made by my mum), white furniture, some cute pictures and way too much pink!!!!*
Next will be a “real” big girl bed but for now the trundle* will keep her from any midnight falls.

What age did your kids graduate to a big kid bed/room? Did you make any changes?

* I never wanted a pink obsession but its a little girls delight so I must run with it!
* This was my first bed!
November 17, 2013