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What a shocker…

This past week has definitely been one that I wouldn’t be fussed if I forgot it; and today has put the icing on the cake.

After a week of sickness and having no husband in sight to help pick up the pieces, it has been a struggle.

To my delight my mum came up yesterday and took the big girl off my hands for a sleep over at her great grandmothers (GG’s) house. A quiet morning was to be had to get over the week that was until my hyperactive boy made a swing for the edge of the bed and launched himself straight off it. A bang that I never wanted to hear and a scream that could make me feel sick for days, yes, he fell off the bed!  Bruised and battered, he is totally fine but I took him to get checked over and then I spent the rest of the day at home just looking at his face. Looking at his sweet little smiles and listening to his funny sounds of chatter, it was just him and I, laying about, being together all day long. Something we NEVER get the chance to do.
It reminded me of when little P was a baby and the time we would spend together hanging out on a picnic rug, just loving each other… Having a 2 year old to keep eye at all times and a baby; Sunny doesn’t get as many of those special times, Sunny doesnt get the same attention. Its hard not to get a little emotional about that, life has gone to a whole different dynamic and I’m not saying its bad, its just very different and I am taking some time to get used to it. Yes, I am finding it really hard!

Getting sick also gave me that big reminder that Mum’s dont have time to be sick, we can’t just roll into bed and sleep it off, we have to suck and up and keep at our job of being a mum. In the midst of my sickness, it made me think about how important it is to have a good support network around you. That, when times get really hard, we can phone a friend and ask them to come and grab the kids. I had one really bad day over the weekend and I felt stuck, I really did. I don’t have family around the corner I can call, but I do have a couple amazing friends but I didn’t call them when I should of. I think as mums, we feel we need to keep things rolling along. But when things fall apart, we need to remind ourselves that it’s ok to ask for help when we need it. It’s ok not to be ok!

I know its only wednesday but I have faith in the rest of the week to bring the sunshine back in and make everything ok… What a shocker!
So who are 5 people you could call if you needed help? Let’s note these down on the fridge.
Cass xox

* I NEVER GET SICK, really I couldn’t cope! 

November 3, 2013