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Having 2 children and feeling the “is it time for a sleep again??” from the baby; getting out is becoming harder and harder. Gone are the days of my newborn sleeping anywhere and more of the days with an active little mover and quiet time at home. The days are getting hotter, and longer and park dates are sadly getting few and far in between. And the (almost) 3 year old is getting crazier and CRAZIER!!!!! Cabin fever may be setting in.
Our yard is huge and full of veggie goodness but only recently moving from a townhouse we haven’t had a moment to make an outdoor kids space. We think its time to create a space for the big girl to enjoy some outside having fun while the baby naps and of cause give something for Sunny to grow into! 
Simple Answer = A SWING ‘N’ SLIDE from Awesome Playgrounds!!!
This has been an exciting week!!! This Swing ‘N’ Slide combo is a brand new product at Awesome Playgrounds and it is AMAZING! Isn’t is pretty?

Looking forward to our delivery, I got a phone call from the delivery man at the bottom of my (very long) drive way to ask if there was a man home, a strong man. The answer being no; I struggled up the driveway, walking each piece to my backyard. Great exercise actually; I was sore the next day! HAHA!… This massive pallet consisted of Cyprus wood, bolts, screws, joiners and an instruction booklet. So next step; my husband and I became builders! It was a wet weekend but we were determined to get it up and running quick smart. We battled with the weather; one minute porring rain the next sunshine. Each burst of sunshine we ran out to join the nest bit. It was quite funny actually. After a few hours; and a couple of rain breaks, it was assembled. Surprisingly super easy! The simple instructions really helped to get it together very easily.

RESULT = The kiddies LOVEEEEEE it and I think I may love it just as much! I can actually go out the back and put the washing out without being nagged; WIN! It has definitely taken us outside more, having fun at home and Little P is running wild burning that energy that constantly bursts out of her. And Sunny; oh man he is so cute on that swing. He loves it so much, its adorable!

Awesome Playgrounds has stores all throughout Australia including some brand new stores in NSW; Albion Park Rail, Griffith and soon, Wagga Wagga! This is a big addition to the 8 stores in VIC and 2 in SA. Their stores of full of outdoor play equipment including cubbies, trampolines, swings, slides, the list is endless. If you want to check out the amazing, humongous, Big Foot 5 playground; it is now on
display at Albion Park Rail!!!! Now for some fun…
Awesome playgrounds has collaborated with us to GIVEAWAY a ‘Swing ‘N’ Slide’ valued at $1099!!! How cool is that? This is a fantastic Christmas for the family!
Don’t have the room in your backyard? Don’t worry! Awesome playgrounds has said that if you would like something different they would be happy to discuss other options on up to the value of $1099.
Make sure you share this giveaway with all your friends as the more entries, the more exciting things will get… After the first prize; Awesome Playgrounds wants to give 1 x FREE swing and Slide combo to every 1000 people who enter! So once we hit 1000 entries, we will give away another one… 2000, another one… and so on..
ARRRRGHHHHHH I’M EXCITED! Enter through the rafflecopter app below…
Terms and conditions…
  • We will give away a Swing ‘N’ Slide to one of your followers who ‘likes’ the Awesome Playground facebook page, using Rafflecopter.
  • This contest will be awarded on skill. You must answer the question, ‘like’ Awesome Playgrounds on Facebook and share this giveaway on your social media [platform to gain entry.
  • After the first prize; Awesome Playgrounds wants to give 1 x FREE swing and Slide combo to every 1000 people who enter! So once we hit 1000 entries, we will give away another one… 2000, another one… and so on..
  • Retail value is $1099 for the 1.2m deck height, stained unit, with 2.5m slide. (Swings are additional/optional, as people buy the exact ones they want, depending on age/ability of kids). 
  • If you would like something different from Awesome Playgrounds, you can discuss other options on up to the value of $1099.
  • The units will be delivered to their closest store for pick up, or winner can pay the freight to have it direct delivered to their door.  If the winner is from Melbourne metro, delivery will be free.

Make sure you head over to Awesome Playgrounds website to browse the amazing products. They have a whole heap of outdoor FUN for the family! http://www.awesomeplaygrounds.com.au/

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was gifted 1 x Swing ‘n’ slide from Awesome Playgrounds to review and more to giveaway.
December 1, 2013