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An Introduction…

Last weekend, in the heat of the Sydney Sun, we hit the beach. Little P is absolutely in love with the water, she is at the perfect age now and is keen to give anything a go. Making our way to a local beach that has the perfect little baby shore break, we thought it would be the perfect day to give her an introduction to something we love so much; SURFING! 
Everything is so much easier to pick up when your young; as we get older it’s not as easy to get out there and do things. Age brings more fear, more inhibitions, less confidence (if only we could be young and fun forever) and Surfing is hard work! Believe me, I know this because I got on a surf board for the first time as a late teenager and I had a terrible time! I haven’t tried for years now but I don’t mind a paddle around, just don’t ask me to show you how I ride a wave bacause you may have to wait another 10 years while I practice… Hah! 
We would love to teach our children to surf at a young age so they just “have it.” 
Then, living on the coast, they can enjoy the water with their buddies. It’s such a fun sport! 
Last week, whilst I sat on the beach attempting to stop Sunny eating handfuls of sand, Mr A had a ball in the water, pushing P onto waves, picking her up out of the water when she went under and chasing her when she would run away. She wasn’t too sure about it, “a little bit scary” she told us but the smiles and laughing we got throughout the morning were enough to confirm that she was loving it! It was such a fun morning! 
Can’t wait to play in the waves more this Summer! 
Are there any sports you want to or have pass/ed onto your kids?? Would love to hear about them. 
Cass x x
December 19, 2013