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This week our house is full of cold… If you haven’t realised yet already, I don’t do sick very well simply because we don’t do it very often. The odd cold comes and goes but never anything major. Thankfully I have fought this one off but the children haven’t been as lucky! Sunday night P was up all night with fevers, coughs and drippy eyes. By Wednesday, she had so kindly shared it with her little brother. Seeing a big kid cough is just part of being around bugs but seeing a baby coughing just freaks me out and it’s not something that I can brush off! 
So I took the plunge, I took my kids to the doctor for the very first time!!!! I have found the most amazing local doctor; she has a very natural approach, is a GP and a Nutritionist so she knows her stuff. She checked them over, reassured me it’s just a virus and sent me home with a whole heap of supplements and a prescription of “chill out mum! Your kids are going to survive”.
After some echinacea, probiotics, olive leave extract, a veggie juice and some bone broth on the side, I got out my Doterra oils to mix up a chest rub that is all natural, safe on the skin, will help to assist the kids in breathing through their little noses again and get rid of some of the congestion. This mixture is so easy and really works so you will never buy the store bought toxic stuff again! 

What you will need;
– Clean empty Glass Jar
– 1/2 cup Coconut oil
– 20 Drops Doterra “BREATHE” essential oil
What to do; 
– Gently melt the coconut oil. 
– Add in your essential oils (You can also use individual oils like Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, etc)
– Mix mix mix!!!
– Pore mixture into glass jar
– Place jar of chest rub into the fridge to set.
– Use it !!! Rub onto your children’s chest, back and bottom of feet when feeling under the weather with colds, conjestion, etc.
About Doterra “BREATHE” 
The Doterra “breathe” oil is a mixture of 
This essential oil blend contains laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon and ravensara. These oils are all thought to be helpful to open airways and give relief to many respiratory problems โ€“ common colds, congestion, allergies, bronchitis, etc. All doTERRA essential oils are 100% pure CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Gradeยฎ essential oils and are extracted using low heat steam distillation. Breathe is safe to take topically, and aromatically (I have been also diffusing it throughout the house and children’s bedrooms at night). 
So give it a try, I would love to know what you think? 
Cass x x
December 3, 2013
December 7, 2013