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Summer time starts now!

 Cant you believe it??? Last week I took both the kid-lets to the beach, it didn’t last long, but it was lots of fun and got us out of the house and into the sunshine.

We are lucky* enough to be living next to a renovation blitz. It has been a long time coming but the drills have now started drilling and the knockers have started knocking down… Yes, our place is not so nice to be at at the moment and the never ending loud noises are starting to get to me even though its only the beginning.
Last week they let us know they would be removing some toxic stuff so we packed up our bags and ventured out for THE WHOLE DAY! Yep, feels like packing to go away for a week when you head out of the house for a whole day with children.
The kids put on their new swimming gear from the Kids Store and we headed to the beach to meet our buddies. I am pretty much in love with the kids store at the moment; you can find some awesome buys for the little ones… Their new Summer swimwear collection is amazing! Look at that fluro cosy on P??? Isn’t it amazing??? Everyone asks where we got it from. And that neon rash vest, I just love it.
I am far from even thinking about getting into a pair of swimmers yet but the kids had an awesome time splashing in the water and getting dumped by the waves. Sunny had his first sand eating experience, he was so excited he just couldn’t contain himself, look at his little smiley face… haha!

So now I know I can do it; get to the beach that is, we may have to get our acts together and get out to play in the sand more often. Bring on Summer time!

Cass xo


December 6, 2013